With PROPEL Same Day Surgery Solutions our goal is to assist you in achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost in the outpatient setting



Take advantage of our strategic insights to launch value based care program partnerships - a unique opportunity to address your payor/provider dynamics



Save on capital expenses, realize logistical efficiencies, advance your procedural techniques and processes with programs designed to support your daily activities



Prepare, educate and enable your patients before and after surgery and achieve better outcomes improving their overall satisfaction with their surgical journey



Expand your education through tailored high-level educational pathways. With the  M.O.R.E. Institute the surgeon is never alone when discovering new technologies



Find efficiencies with safe and effective use of our products, techniques and services suitable for same day surgery

PROPEL provides resources to assist you in personalizing the best outpatient program for your practice

PROPEL emphasizes our comprehensive range of techniques, implants and instruments, for joint arthroplasty and spine surgery


Dr. Nima Salari practices out of the Desert Institute for Spine Care in Phoenix, AZ. To learn more about personalized outpatient surgery with him, click here:

Not all products may be available in your country. Please contact your local Medacta representative to find out more.

"The medical landscape is changing by the day. To keep pace with the times and to be able to offer increasingly effective and beneficial solutions to the patients, surgeons and hospitals, our outpatient initiatives combine the company’s innovations with tailored medical education programs and the suite of patient support services, enabling outpatient care and same-day surgery" Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta

With the M.O.R.E. Institute the surgeon is never alone when discovering new technologies

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